Metaphysical Retreat

A Day Camp

++ In this Course, I will teach you the structure of the Spirit Guide realm {Inner and Outer Circles} and how they ended up in your specific life

++ We will explore proven techniques to open and strengthen our connections with our personal team of Spirit Guides - this works for both Inner and Outer Circle Guides

++ Learn how to have a conversation (two way) with your guides

+ You will leave with tools that you can continue using to grow your relationship with each of you Guides

+ Build a channel that allows you increased access and to the guidance and direction that you seek as your soul is experiencing growth and expansion

++ Cultivate a direct connection to your Divine Truth.

++ Know your next step without fear and judgment. 

++ Learn to access your Records anytime to gain insight into all the answers and healing that are contained there.

++ Imagine having a direct line to your Truth and Wisdom to guide you in any situation. 

++ Learn to access guidance on a personal level that will propel you forward in your role as a leader. This is where your impact begins. 

++ As our universe continues to be full of turmoil, the Records are the Universal Truth and Wisdom that guides us to our next right step.

++ All of these experiences and truths can be explored inside your Akashic Records. 

++ This program will provide you with the tools to accurately and consistently open your records and access the information you seek.

++ If you desire to develop a reading practice for friends and family - even become a pro... this is the place to start!

Come Experience


Theta Healing

Akashic Records

Spell Casting 101

And tons more....

  • All-day immersion metaphysical instruction from a variety of experts
  • Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • Group Meditation and opportunity to connect deeply with nature
  • 2 meals provided for all participants
  • SWAG bag - of course - if you are taking the time to spend with us, I always have a special treat for you!

Tap into your natural extrasensory abilities in a safe and supportive environment. No prior experience is

needed to successfully connect with a guide or loved one in spirit.

  • Learn what Theta Healing is, how to connect to the theta state and participate in a meditation that includes strategy on how to use Theta to heal.
  • Learn how to know your next step without fear and judgment and gain insight into all the healing and answers that are available to you.
  • Spell Casting 101, create a spell jar, a short explanation on herbs, crystals, their purpose in spell work, and intention as well as how to make a sigil. You don't have to be a witch to cast.

If you want to skip any of the courses, as they are offered, you can wander off on a quick hike, find a tree to snuggle up with, or sit at the pond and relax at any point.

Meet the Experts:

Lisa Mandell is an evidential medium, Reiki practitioner and teacher who started leading guided meditations during many years ago.

As an evidential medium, Lisa helps people who have lost a loved one reconnect with their loved one’s energy to help bring peace and healing. She works with Tarot cards to help people get a better understanding of what is happening in their lives, what has influenced these events and where their actions are taking them. Lisa also teaches others how to better listen to their own inner guidance in monthly medium and psychic development classes.

Chris Mochin has been offering tarot, mediumship, and oracle readings since 1997.

He obtained Theta Healing Practitioner Certification in 2021 and the Advanced Theta Healing Certification in 2022. He believes that Theta Healing is the present and future of self-care. He has /used Theta Healing to overcome obstacles in his life and looks forward to sharing his gift with people in need of healing from their past and present.

Chris made a miraculous recovery from Stage 3 Lyme Disease and has a vast experiential and research background of the subject.

Meet Bree, the proprietor of Tarot in the Moonlight.

Bree considers herself to be an Eclectic Witch, dabbling in a little bit of everything and putting those magical intentions into each of her hand crafted spells and products

Bree took to the occult and her personal practices from a young age, and has been reading tarot for several years, as well as using her talents as a Certified Reiki Practitioner to help and heal others. She considers her psychic abilities a passion and a gift, and is looking forward to sharing that gift with all of you

Jami Hearn is an Intuitive Oracle and Spiritual Teacher, who is passionate about working with high-achieving, spiritual women, to curate the life of their dreams through accessing the Divine Feminine and inner sovereign power that is her birthright. Through her coaching, readings and retreats, Jami empowers women to release self-judgment, tap into true clarity of path and purpose and reconnect to sacred wisdom, so they can consciously create the life they are truly worthy of.

In addition to hosting the podcast Witches, Bitches and Dead People, Jami has a thriving, international coaching practice, is an Akashic Records Expert and Teacher, and has been a successful attorney for more than 20 years. Walking with a foot in each world allows Jami to intentionally and intuitively guide her clients to the ideal strategy for their individual situation, with flow, ease and grace.

If you desire to develop a deeper connection with yourself and spirit -

this is the place to start!


Investment: $99.00

Date: August 27, 2022 Starting at 9am

Location: Tunkhannock, PA

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